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Frequently asked questions


Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

How often is the table updated?

Magic formula skoor sõltub ettevõtete kasumiandmetest, varadest ja kohustustest ning aktsia hinnast. Ettevõtete varade ja kohustuste seis uueneb kord kvartalis, kui avaldatakse värsked kvartaliaruanded. Kasumiandmed arvutame libisevalt viimase nelja kvartali tulemuste põhjal. Aktsiahind uueneb praktiliselt reaalajas (kuni 20 min viivitusega).

Why can't I find banks in the table?

Financial companies are excluded from the table because their balance sheets are very different from those of ordinary companies. Therefore, the magic formula does not work for financial corporations.

Are there Nordic or US stocks in this table?

No, only covers the main and secondary list of the Baltic Stock Exchange.